Vegan Reading Library

Vegan Reading Library

When I jumped onto the Vegan bandwagon, social media wasn’t everything it is today. In 2008, I found most of my vegan information from Facebook groups, and books. I loved (and I still love), going to a bookstore and browsing the Vegan Cookbooks. There is always something new to learn or an inspiring story to read about. I have a huge and messy bookshelf in the back of my kitchen, filled with vegan books, but I wanted to share with all of you some of the books that helped change my life over the past decade.

The first vegan book I read was Skinny Bitch. Rory and Kim were hilarious in the way they inspired their readers to get healthy and start following a plant based diet. They made me feel excited about improving myself and eating a clean diet. Shortly after, I added their cookbook to my book shelf, so I had recipes to go along with their tough love from their original book.

My favourite Recipe? Peanut Butter Potato Chip Cookies!

These books were my introduction into my new way of life …..

Favourite Cookbooks

After searching endlessly online, I stumbled across OhSheGlows. Angela Liddon became my number one inspiration and resource in the plant based World. I read her stories and tried all her recipes with an abundance of enthusiasm. Angela made things seem so easy and her recipes always seemed to turn out almost perfectly. Of course I was extremely excited when her cookbooks emerged, so I had something new to add to my collection of books. OhSheGlows has become hugely popular on social media over the years, but I like to feel like I was one of her early fans, before the surge of Instagram.

My favourite Recipe? Sweet Potato Casserole!

The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone was another page turner for me. Alicia has been one of the more notable fixtures in the vegan scene for many years. Alicia shares some delicious recipes in this book, as well as encourages all of us to get off dairy and meat by outlining the benefits of a plant based lifestyle. Alicia has recently spoke about raising her son as a vegan and has another book called The Kind Mama, which I plan on reading once I have children of my own!

My Favourite Recipe? Mixed Berry Cheesecake!

Veganomicon is like a vegan cookbook bible. It includes kitchen tips to prepare for vegan cooking, as well as vegan recipes that are uncomplicated and wonderful. It’s been almost 10 years since I have had this book, and it’s still filled with tabbed pages of recipes that I haven’t had time to try yet. One day, I will cook my way through the entire thing!

My Favourite recipe? Snobby Joes!

Thrive Energy Cookbook Athletes, this book is for you! Filled with recipes for athletes, and categorized for pre-training, during training and post training, this book helped me immensely during my training. Brandan includes beautifully coloured photographs and creative recipes that can be enjoyed by athletes of any kind!

My Favourite Recipe? The Veggie Burgers!

Vegan Living Books

Complete Idiot’s Guide to Vegan Living is a practical guide explaining everything you need to know about the vegan lifestyle. When I first became vegan, and I had yet to start studying nutrition, I really liked how this book included dietary guidelines to ensure all my nutritional needs would be met. This book also includes tips on how to read food labels and clearly identify if items are vegan or not. On top of it all, it includes quite a few recipes as well.

How to Not Die by Dr. Michael Gregor takes us into the medical World and scientifically shows us how a plant based diet can prevent and reverse disease. This book takes veganism away from a trendy fad, and into the medical limelight.

Forks Over Knifes

You may have watched the documentary, Forks Over Knifes. It was the first vegan based documentary I watched and it confirmed to me that I made the best decision of my life when I decided to follow a plant based diet. Forks Over Knifes details Success Stories, of individuals who cured diseases, and no longer needed to medicate for diabetes, simply because of changing their diet. Dr. Colin Campbell provides scientific facts, and true stories, to empower us all to make one simple decision that can forever change our lives. The book also includes a section that aims to help individuals make the transition and includes over 100 healthy recipes.

Inspiring Stories

Esther The Wonder Pig has not only inspired and changed Derek and Steve’s life, but they have introduced their story to a huge online fan base, and the inspiration has continued to grow. Derek and Steve adopted Esther as a baby, with the owners claiming her to be a micro-pig. Eventually, Esther kept growing and they had to face the hard facts, that this little pet pig that was living in their home was growing into a huge “regular” pig. Derek and Steve adopted a vegan lifestyle shortly after they began putting the connection between Esther and the food they were eating on their dinner plate. Now, they own an animal sanctuary where they have many rescued animals that have been saved from various locations and situations. Their story is nothing short of life-changing, and it’s a beautifully inspiring story that I encourage everyone to read and follow.

Hope you can find something fun to read and something new to learn from my vegan book recommendations!

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