A Holistic Approach to Sports

A Holistic Approach to Sports

Recently I published an article for the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition called “A Holistic Approach to Sports”.

“My interest in holistic health was sparked about 15 years ago when a dietician that I was sent to work with gave me a meal plan that included cheese strings. Cheese strings—those stringy, processed yellow sticks. That’s what I was supposed to eat if I wanted to be an Olympic figure skater? Of course, my meal plan offered other foods, but this food in particular boggled my mind and I couldn’t let it go. What types of nutrients are in this cheese string? Isn’t it entirely processed? Why would I use this as fuel? It turns out the dietician calculated that the fat, protein, and calorie content of the cheese string was ideal, but I didn’t care about the math. I didn’t understand why something void of any nutritional value was being recommended to me by a dietician.”

Read More at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition’s Website by Clicking Here!

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