Continuous Education

Continuous Education

Over the past years, I have found a thirst for knowledge. A desire to learn more, to grow and to never stop improving. One of the beautiful things about learning is that no one can take it away from you. The wisdom that you acquire stays with you forever.

I have now taken my thirst for “more” into a new program, another holistic nutrition class, this time with Alive Academy. Through courses in Natural Health Fundamentals, Sports and Fitness Nutrition and Vegetarian Nutrition, I hope to create a larger wealth of information to share with others on healthy living and wellness for athletes.

The more you read, the more you know. The more you learn, the more places you go.

Natural Health is based on the fact that the body has natural healing properties – if given the right support. Natural Health is a state of well-being achieved without synthetic dyes or processed foods. Many Natural Health Fundamentals are derived from traditional healing systems from around the World that have been used for thousands of years.

Holistic practices work because they treat the body as a whole. Your body as a whole determines how each individual part behaves, and by addressing the mind, body and soul, we use preventive care which is safe and effective. A holistic practitioner will always search for the root of the cause, as opposed to treating individual symptoms.

The difference between holistic nutritionists and dietitians is that dietitians follow guidelines that are found in Canada’s Food Guide and they make recommendations based on specific daily allowances. They are also government regulated. A much less talked about topic is how the dairy industry is paying the government millions of dollars to promote dairy and keep dairy as a recommended source of “nutrition”, even though studies have shown that dairy is unnecessary for human beings and is linked to many health issues.

Although dietitians are very well educated, it is important to note that there is no one diet that fits all. A large majority of the population feels healthier and symptoms of bloating and digestive issues, fatigue and skin irritations go away when dairy and wheat are eliminated from one’s diet. But Canada’s food guide is still suggesting these as two main food groups!

More Canadians are now turning towards more healing oriented practices. They want to feel better and live more fulfilling lives. Holistic practices such as nutrition, osteopath work, acupuncture, homeopath work and Traditional Chinese Medicine are all frequently used alternative treatments that are becoming more and more mainstream. The average individual is now understanding that the preservation of health is much easier then the cure of disease.

I think it’s time that we stop asking why real food is so expensive and we start questioning why processed food is so cheap.


Holistic Nutrition for athletes is my passion. I want to develop programs for athletes to help them achieve optimal strength, and performance on a natural level. I want to educate young (and more mature) athletes on how to recover properly after training in order to prevent injuries from occurring and creating a proper treatment plan to keep their bodies in the best shape possible. Eating real food, hydrating properly, treating your sleep as your treat a training session and finding a balance between the mind-body connection are huge components to being a successful athlete.

The most important thing I’d like to teach athletes is that we should be counting the Nutritional Density of our food, NOT CALORIES. A serving of fruit might have the same calories as a chocolate bar, but the fruit definitely has a higher quality of nutritional density. We should always

be looking at the actual nutrients in our food and the vitamin and mineral intake. Organic, wholefoods are all nutrient dense, there is nothing in these foods that doesn’t need to be there, or have a purpose.

Let’s start making smart choices! It’s your body, and it’s the only one you are ever going to have, so you should be fueling it for success.

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