Spiritual Enlightenment

Spiritual Enlightenment

A few months ago I stumbled upon spiritual guru Gabby Bernstein. Gabby is an international speaker, talking to sold out audiences about spiritual awakening and meditation. She founded the Miracle Membership, which helps people stay committed to their spiritual journey and she teaches a Spirit Junkie Workshop, inspiring individuals to live the life of their dreams.

I have been on the road a lot the past month, and I’m so thankful that I had Gabby’s “Miracle Now” audiobook to help me on my journey’s. Gabby enlightened me with her Miracle Now messages and stories and I felt so inspired that I had to share some of my favourites. Her book Miracle’s Now is filled with 108 Life-Changing tools to live with less stress, more flow and more love. Every time I listened to a new Miracle Message, I was filled with a sense of peace and an ability to find comfort in the present moment. Below are some of my favourite messages. Be sure to follow @GabbyBernstein on social media for more doses of daily inspiration!

“No is a complete sentence”.

Saying no is tough, especially when you don’t want to disappoint someone. Saying yes allows you to buy some time, so you don’t feel like your rejecting someone. Saying yes in the moment also feels easy to your current self. Current self thinks future self can handle it, no problem. But it’s important to be honest with yourself, and prioritize. If it’s not a hell yes, then it’s a hell no. Time to be direct.

“You don’t need to find your purpose; your purpose will find you”.

Forcing a feeling never works. Your purpose is not outside of you, it’s nothing external. It’s all within you. You need to discover a space of truth within yourself and that’s where you’ll find guidance towards your purpose. If you are struggling to find your purpose, I think it’s important to find your passion. What drives you and what sets your soul on fire? It is there that your purpose lies. When you live and lead in a space of love, then you are truly living in your purpose.

“How to stop obsessing”.

It’s easy to get frustrated when your planned agenda goes astray. The ego always tries to control outcomes and this control will consume your happiness and only cause you to stress. Even though you are powerful over outcomes, the ego always tries to control them. Don’t let your controlling behaviour get in the way of your outcomes. You need to redirect your energy and trust the energy of the universe. Meditation and intentions can give you a positive energy. And you need to accept there is a power greater then you working to support you. Make a note that says “I am powerless over this situation and I surrender to the universe”. When you feel yourself frustrated over an outcome, go back to this note and surrender to your control.


“Live in a judgement free zone”.

None of us go a day without judgement. We judge others and we judge ourselves. Judgement creates separation and separation occurs when we disconnect from oneness. This causes the feeling of isolation and jealousy. The ego seeks to divide and separate. Spirit seeks to unify and heal. Unity is our truth. Releasing judgement makes room for unity. I struggle with judgement daily, both judging myself and judging others but being aware of my thoughts is the first step in order to change this habit. When you have an attack thought, release it and reconnect with love. Choose love over judgment. Remember that every time you judge someone, you reveal an unhealed part of yourself. When you become free from the need to judge, you will also become completely free of the fear of being judged.

“Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate”.

Spread more love. Be a beacon of light. There is to much negativity in the World today. We need to be a pillar for peace.

“Harness the power of empathy”.

Empaths have the ability to sense the energy of the people around them. They detect deep emotion in others. Being an empathetic person is literally a super power, but empaths need to be aware of their heightened level of intuition. You want to ride the wave of the World’s emotion, rather then be taken down by those emotions. A heart that always understands and is so full of compassion still has the ability to get tired. Empaths need to use the understanding they get from others feelings and perspectives to guide their own actions.

“Forgiveness is for freedom”.

Forgiveness reconnects us with our truth, which is love. If we perceive the World through attack and judgement, we unconsciously feel guilty because we turned our back from love. Forgiveness realigns us with reality. Forgiving is difficult because we have created a life where we are always on the defense, protecting ourselves. The only way to flourish in life is to release all the tension you carry. Anger and resentment weaken you by keeping you stuck in past pain. Forgiveness is crucial to your happiness. It’s not for your attacker. It’s for you. It’s important to remember that forgiveness does not necessarily mean that you accept what happened to you, but that what happened does not control you anymore.

“Trust your gut”.

Sometimes our ego gets in the way from coming to an honest conclusion. We also get hung up on other people’s opinions. We need to learn to trust our intuitive muscles. Remember that you know the truth by the way things feel. Some of the best advice you’ll ever get is from your gut instinct.

“Start your day on the right foot”.

Your morning routine sets your tone for the entire day. Start your day with love. Don’t turn on your email or the TV right away. Begin with a positive affirmation. A positive thought first thing in the morning can carry you throughout the day. Your thoughts in the morning will lay the foundation for the rest of your day. Before you leave your house, set a positive intention for the day. “I begin my day with gratitude and love”. Another interesting way to literally set your day on the right foot, is to breathe out of each nostril, one at a time, when you open your eyes. Whichever one is stuffed up more, or clogged, set onto that foot first. This will help clarify your energy for the day.

“Measure your success with how much fun your having”.

Surrender to the fact that true success is based on happiness. It’s our job to find the fun in everything. Maintaining a sense of joy is a moment to moment commitment. Remember that happiness is the highest level of success.

“Celebrate your small successes”.

Most of us spend a lot of time focusing on what we do wrong. We focus on the negative and look for fault in all situations. Chose to focus on what you did right. Celebrate yourself and you can begin truly living. Remember that success is a series of small wins.

“Compare no more”.

Comparing is the thief of joy and it is a horrible habit. When we compare ourselves to others we get hooked into the belief that we are better than or less then someone else, creating jealousy and competition. How can we be peaceful when we are constantly comparing ourselves? When we feel an unconscious sense of lack we project that lack onto others, so we won’t feel so bad about ourselves. Once your aware of your comparing habit, it’s time to change that behaviour. When you feel the sense to compare yourself to someone, say this affirmation to yourself, “The light I see in them is a reflection of my inner light”. Set yourself free from comparison and be at peace with yourself.

“Forgive and delete”.

Gabby shared a story about internet haters on her social media. She explains how engaging in negativity only invests in the negativity. Rather then defend and fight back; through compassion and forgiveness, we can mindfully deal with internet haters. Have compassion for these folks. Happy people don’t go online and post rude comments. Compassion will reconnect you to a sense of oneness. By deleting, we don’t let negative comments linger.

“Worry is a prayer for cautious”.

Turn your worry upside down. Become the non-judgement witness of your fears, and begin to recognize when worry has the best of you. When you find yourself in a state of worry, look at the tip of your nose. This action will shut your mind off and disengage worry. Worrying will not help take away your troubles, but it will take away your peace from the present moment.


“Make forgiveness a practice”.

Forgiveness is a consent act. Practice forgiveness like a full time job. Release the past and reclaim love in the present. When we are unforgiving we feel stuck, weak and angry, all these feelings contain low level energy and block your ability to heal and grow. Forgiveness offers you a way out. Learn to forgive yourself first. The key to being a master of your own mind, is to learn to forgive yourself. When you recognize yourself attack; witness the attack thought, breathe into the feeling of discomfort, feel the feeling and say to yourself “I forgive this thought, I know it is not real”.

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