A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life

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Do you ever wonder how some people live their day-to-day life? I don’t know why, but I always find it very fascinating. I like to see things from their perspective. What do they do when they go home at night? How do my friends spend their training day? I’m always curious if it’s similar to mine or not. My days are pretty standard. I am very consistent and have had the same routine day in and day out for about 6 years now. That’s how an athlete creates consistency, in my opinion. I decided to highlight a typical training day on twitter for my fans to follow and feel engaged in. This was a Thursday in the middle of summer, so of course it varies a little bit from a typical Thursday in March preparing for the World Championships, but not on a major level. Thursday (and Tuesday) afternoons I do my strength and cardio training, whereas on Friday afternoons I would be doing essentrics (classical stretch and body movement) and Monday afternoons I would be doing Pilates and a private stretch class, but everything else pretty much stays the same.


For those of you who don’t have twitter, but still wanted to relive the day of a world champion vegan athlete, I have compiled everything into this post to entertain you with!


5:10        Alarm goes off and its time to start my day! My cat Zara wants to be fed and let outside onto the balcony so she can lounge while getting some fresh air. I also make Bruno (my husband) his lunch for the day before walking up my dog and taking him for his morning walk. Theo doesn’t like to wake up in the mornings, because he knows we are just going to leave him shortly after, so he pouts in bed for a bit before his bladder gets the better of him and he needs to go outside.13819688_825015328420_1026369388_n

6:30        I love my morning coffee, breakfast and internet browsing time. I have some websites that I love to frequent, Mind Body Green being one of them as well as Well & Good. I can always find interesting articles about wellness, sports and food on these sites, they never disappoint. My breakfast is a bowl of overnight oats this morning with added date butter and shredded coconuts. This is enough to fuel me for a few hours of working out in the morning!13820871_825015333410_1606457682_n

7:00        It’s time to leave my place and fight traffic on the way to the rink! It usually takes about 15-20 minutes to drive from Boucherville (my home) to St Leonard (the city where the rink is), but during particularly rough mornings, the tunnel to get into the city can be so congested that it takes about an hour! I always have to give myself enough time just in case there is traffic, so I live earlier then I need to, just to be safe. Theo watches me leave the house from the window and I can hear him crying from outside! I think he stays there and waits for the dog walker to come, whom arrives around noon to take him out again.


7:30        I’ve arrived at the rink in decent timing! This morning Eric and I are working with one of my trainers and therapists, Patrick. Patrick is an osteopath and he also specializes in strength training, reconditioning and rebalancing for athletes. He makes me a warm-up plan that I follow on a daily basis but he also comes to the rink once a week to make sure I’m doing all my exercises properly, and then addressing any other weaknesses or problems that might arise.  Eric and I work with Patrick on dynamic activation exercises as well as injury prevention exercises for one hour before going on the ice to train.


8:45        We are on the ice for session number one! Since it’s still very early in our off-season training, we aren’t training full run-throughs right now. We mostly work on elements and sections of choreography. In the regular session, we would spend our first session on the ice running through either our short or long program, but in July, we aren’t there yet. This morning we worked by ourselves for 30 minutes, doing our death spirals and jumps, then we worked with Richard on our twist and sections of our short program, including a new variation of our lasso lift. The session lasts a total of 50 minutes then we get off the ice for the Zamboni to clean it, and come back on for another 50 minute pairs session. I always snack on a banana in between my sessions to keep me energized and the potassium is also good for any muscle cramping that might occur.

9:45        During our second pairs session we worked on our throws with Bruno. We are always trying to improve the flow of our throws. We are proud that every season a noticeable improvement is made in this area of our skating. Next season I’d like to be able to only land the throw quad sal cleanly and consistently, but with plus 2-3 quality. After working on throws with Bruno, we moved on to work on our choreography with Sylvie. Sylvie works with us on a regular basis on whatever needs fixing. She specializes in working on our programs, making sure we are on the music, that we are in unison and that we look presentable! But she is also a genius when it comes to my jumps and throws as well. And lifts and twists. She pretty much does it all and never gets the credit that she deserves for her work. Today we worked with her on our short program choreography. It is still very much a work in process, as we are just getting back into training from our summer vacations. She videos us and then we watch it together and correct any mismatching of arms or legs and fix any musical or timing issues we might be having.

10:45     The 3rd on-ice session of the day is dedicated to working on jumps and we call it a “singles session”. Eric and I don’t always do this session, sometimes we use it to work more on our choreography or with our acting coach and sometimes we take a break before our afternoon training, but today I decided to stay because I got new skates and wanted to break them in some more. I am always worried when I get new skates about how long it will take until they feel comfortable, but this time they felt great right from day one. Mervin Tran takes care of all my equipment issues (as well as Drew Wolfe with sharpenings) and he did a good job with aligning my new blades onto my new skates. A few years ago, Mervin was one of Eric and I’s strongest and toughest competitors, but we have always trusted him with our skates and we know that Mervin is a great guy and that he will never do something to sabotage us.


12:00     I’m done at the rink just before noon and I have a small window for a lunch break. I didn’t pack myself a big lunch today, I mostly just brought along snacks because I knew I had time to go out for lunch before my afternoon training. One of my favourite lunch spots is called Antidote and it’s located near the Olympic Stadium, where I will go for my gym training this afternoon. Antidote is an all vegan grocery store that has a restaurant/café inside. I decided to try something new today and got their Betty smoothie that includes coconut water, orange juice, beets, strawberries, banana, dates and goji berries. I also added a boost of spirulina. Along with this, I had a homemade zucchini muffin that I brought and some almonds. It was more then enough to temporarily satisfy my tummy.


1:00        I have a physio session right now before our gym training session. Both these things that place at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal. The INS (Institut National du Sport du Quebec) has created an amazing centre here for National team athletes. We have access to a quality gym and trainers, as well as sports doctors, massage therapists and physiotherapists. If only our rink was located there, I could stay all day in one spot!

Lately I have had a nagging shoulder injury that requires physio attention. It is slowly getting better, and luckily it effects very little while skating. I’m not concerned about it, but I believe in maintenance and injury prevention, so I see a variety of therapists on a regular basis. I was so tired today that I passed out for a quick power nap while the physio worked on my neck, back, shoulder and arm.

2:00        I make my way downstairs to the gym for my strength and cardio training. Our summer gym training is all about getting back in shape, so the cardio is quite intense. We start with a warm-up that includes exercises to help build strength in my sore shoulder, then we have some strength training circuits. Today I also had to do 14 sprint sets running at 16km/hr for 45 seconds then coming down and running at 8.5 km/hr for a 45 second “rest”. And I had to repeat this 14 times! Followed by core work and stretching to finish it all off! I was still pretty sleepy from my nap during physio beforehand and it took my body a while to wake up, but running at 16 km/hr definitely did that!


3:45        I have finally finished my training for the day and as I walk to my car I snack on some goji-cacao sticks that are made with buckwheat. They have a good combination of protein and carbs to help with my recovery from the gym but I find that I’m still starving so I also ate some chickpea snacks with cinnamon (great for helping inflammation). Just like in the morning, I’m never sure how long it will take me to get back home to Boucherville. Traffic in Montreal has potential to be a nightmare so I always hope for the best. Today turned out to be pretty lucky, as I didn’t have much trouble and I made it home before 4:30.


5:00        Finally settled in at home, and I’m happy to see Bruno has arrived home from the rink early and already walked Theo (which is usually my job in the afternoon). Usually Bruno coaches from 6:30 am until 6:00 pm Monday-Friday but this afternoon the rink had a problem with the ice and he was finished earlier then expected. I also discover that I got a package from LUSH today. Lush is a great company of all natural body products that supports animals and tests their products on real people, not harmless animals. They have always been very supportive and I was so happy to have received a surprise gift package in the post from them. After smelling and testing out some of their products, I started preparing dinner. I had planned a quinoa casserole made with butternut squash, kale, mushrooms and walnuts topped with homemade parmesan cheese made with cashews and nutritional yeast. It is quite simple to prepare and doesn’t take to long to cook, so we are enjoying the casserole in about an hour’s time! Bruno isn’t a vegan, but he does enjoy the food I make and ends up eating a lot of vegan meals. Sometimes he adds some fish or meat to my meals, but not today.


7:30        After dinner, the clean-up takes a pretty big chunk of time as I have created a lot of dirty dishes preparing everything, but afterwards I have time to start some laundry and give Theo one more short walk down the street before the night starts to quiet down. I like to read and do yoga at night but today at the gym, I stayed extra and did a lot of stretching so I skipped the yoga for tonight. Emily Giffen has a new book out and I really enjoy reading her stuff, it is always very light hearted and an enjoyable easy read.


9:00        My parents are due to arrive tonight for a visit so Bruno and I are trying to stay awake until they get here. We have recorded a few episodes of America’s Got Talent, one of our favourite shows, so we catch up on some of them. Our favourite acts are usually the magicians and comedians but everyone is always very entertaining. My parents finally arrive and after some quick hellos we crawl into bed around 10:00. There is one more crazy day before the weekend and we need to be rested and refreshed to not only survive it but thrive!


10:00     Night World! Hope you enjoyed my day and look forward to sharing more with you in the future. Be sure to enter my first ever Lutz of Greens Giveaway Contest where you can win an autographed special pillowcase from the KOSE Team Challenge Cup. For full details click here or you can conveniently enter below!

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