Barcelona: Vegan Food Paradise!

Barcelona: Vegan Food Paradise!

Birthday CakeI spent the past week in Barcelona, Spain at a skating competition. I always like to find local vegan or health food restaurants while I am on the road and during my last trip, to Nagano, Japan, I couldn’t find anything, so I was happy to see that Barcelona was filled with many vegan friendly shops and restaurants! I had been to Barcelona last year and knew of Teresa Carles, a trendy vegetarian restaurant with innovative dishes, and I couldn’t wait to go back!

December 8th was my 30th birthday, so I gathered some friends and members of the Canadian Team and we headed to Teresa Carles for a “Meagan style” dinner. The menu all looked delicious and it was really hard to decide what to have. I settled on a pumpkin and tempeh salad with a soy yogurt, mustard and cinnamon sauce, vegetable tempura and the healthy nachos. Sadly, I wasn’t thinking properly and didn’t take any photos of these beautiful dishes!! I was looking forward to having the snowflake cake for dessert, a cake made with caramelized pears and macadamia nuts with a vegan white fudge frosting. To my surprise, the restaurant made a huge snowflake cake for my birthday and everyone could enjoy this unique birthday cake.

Birthday Cake

The restaurant gave me the leftovers of the cake and I was eating it for days!!

Outside Vegetalia

Two days later I ventured to Vegetalia, a vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurant that I hadn’t been to yet during my travels in Spain. It is located in the Gothic Quarters, right next door to Gopal, a vegan discovery from my last trip to Barcelona in 2014. I don’t know how I missed this place last time, but I’m happy I had the chance to experience it now! The seating is outside in a nice courtyard, with the only negative thing being the smell of smoke. It seems as though everyone in Barcelona smokes! As people enjoyed a nice healthy vegan lunch, they puffed smoke into my face and all over my food.

I decided that since I was in Spain, I should try their vegan paella. It was made with brown rice, which was an extra bonus as well! I didn’t know what paella was when I ordered it; only that it is a typical Spanish dish. I was pleased with my choice and the prompt service from the restaurant.

Dish at Vegetalia

The following day I realized that Teresa Carles had a weekend brunch and I couldn’t be in Barcelona and pass that up! I think Teresa Carles is my favourite vegan restaurant that I’ve ever been too. The food is fresh and original and the décor is modern and clean. Prices are reasonable and the location is great, right near the city centre. The brunch had a lot of good options but I decided to try the vegan whole-wheat croissant with homemade marmalade. It was the first time I have had a croissant in 8 years, as I have never seen a vegan version! I also got their chia seed bowl with fruit, which was basically a vanilla chia seed pudding with fresh mango and strawberries. It was so good; I questioned getting a second one but decided against it.

Vegan Croissant


Outside RestaurantThe last day I was in Barcelona was a busy day. We had to preform in the gala exhibition show and had rehearsals early in the morning, a show at noon and a banquet party at 8:00 PM. Plus, I wanted to squeeze in one more vegan meal from Barcelona before leaving! Bar Celoneta is a sangria bar, but they also serve vegan and vegetarian tapas and burgers! It was a great find and there was tons of delicious food.

A huge group of us went. It was a nice celebration of the great week that we had in Barcelona. I couldn’t decide what to order and since I’m not a big burger fan, I got a bunch of tapas instead. House dips with bread sticks, “Vegan Aliens”, potatoes with vegan cheese and tempeh skewers.



TIMG_1279he potatoes were average and nothing special but the rest was spectacular. The vegan aliens in particular were great, zucchini and vegan cheese layered on top of each other with some other sauce that I’m not quite sure what it was. And a night of great tapas couldn’t be finished without some desserts! I got a bRAWnie, a raw food brownie made with dates, goji berries and cacao, along with vegan cream with berries.

My stomach is rumbling as I relive these amazing vegan treats from Barcelona and I’ve been dreaming of snowflake cake since I got on the plane to come home! To think that I didn’t even get the chance to try all of Barcelona’s vegan eateries. Happycow lists 80 + vegan and vegetarian friendly restaurants, bakeries and shops. I hope I get the chance to return one day to try out the rest!

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