Get Stronger with Essentrics!

Get Stronger with Essentrics!

As an athlete, I am always looking for new ways to improve myself and push myself further. A few years ago I was lucky enough to discover an amazing workout routine, designed by Montreal’s Miranda Esmonde-White, called Essentrics. Essentrics is designed to strengthen and lengthen your muscles. The class includes the flowing movements from tai chi, strengthening principles behind ballet and the healing principles of physiotherapy. It’s an intense full body workout that gently works each muscle chain and strengthens and frees up the muscles.

Every week my training mates and I attend a class designed just for figure skaters with Erika Vipond. Erika is a dancer, yoga instructor and essentrics master! She makes the most inspiring playlists for class and fills us with passion and warmth. You can learn more about Erika by visiting her website

Ever since I started regularly doing essentrics class I saw my body transform. My strong, bulky muscles started to lean out and my stiff, mechanical movements became more fluid. There was also one other huge change in my body. Injuries. They all but disappeared. Aches and pain are now at a minimum and injuries don’t even exist. For me, this is the most amazing thing essentrics has given me. Any athlete is always looking for ways to improve performance, minimize pain and injuries, and take their game to the next level, and essentrics is it!!

Check out their website for more information

I recommend ordering a copy of their DVD or find a class near you!

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