12270119_783982164210_1981499773_nHello and welcome to my healthy living blog!

My name is Meagan Duhamel. You may know me as a 2-Time World Champion Figure Skater, Olympic Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medalist, and 7-time Canadian National Champion in pairs skating with my skating partner Eric Radford. But away from the ice, I am an animal loving vegan, a yogi, and a wife. I studied Holistic Nutrition with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and am currently finishing a Sports and Fitness Nutrition Certification with Alive Academy. My passion for Figure Skating has been part of my life since I was 3 years old, but more recently I discovered a new passion: Healthy Living!

Many people see me today as fit, energetic, strong, active, and healthy, and would be surprised to learn that this wasn’t always the case. 8 years ago I was “out of shape” (under elite figure skater standards) and unhealthy. I lacked any nutrition knowledge and was advised by the nutritionist from the Canadian National Team to eat cheese strings, ample amounts of meat, and bear paws granola bars. I knew that something seemed wrong about that advice.

Winning with Kale

In 2008 I was lucky enough to accidentally discover the life changing book “Skinny Bitch”! I decided to become a vegan instantly and embark on a journey that has forever changed and enriched my life. Veganism peaked my curiosity as something new, healthy, clean and outside of the mainstream. I bought endless books and did research like crazy as I dove into this new diet. Suddenly, I felt my body changing. I lost weight, my skin was glowing, my energy levels were on the rise and I woke up every morning feeling rested and ready to tackle the new day ahead. I also noticed changes inside of me; my patience and compassion started growing. I was truly hooked!

12272633_783982169200_755483965_nKnowing the benefits I was experiencing already with my vegan diet, I decided I wanted to feel even better and healthier! I studied for 2 years with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and increased my knowledge about the whole body. I feel what I learned has helped me on my journey to reach my maximum potential. Through my studies, I learned about Ayurveda, Sports Nutrition, Healing the Mind, Body and Soul, Vitamins and Minerals and Healing with Food.
As a competitive Figure Skater, I’ve had many amazing experiences, having competed at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games and countless international competitions worldwide. During the 2014/2015 skating season, my partner Eric Radford and I went undefeated in competition! This achievement culminated with winning the World Championship! I credit so much of my achievements to my vegan lifestyle.

Through Lutz Of Greens, I wish to open up my world to you. I will share my training and diet secrets with you and introduce you to my crazy skating and vegan world. But most importantly, I want to inspire you, motivate you and help you live a long, strong, and healthy life, no matter what your aspirations are!